Definitions for "wich"
Semi-nomadic indigenous group, living predominantly in the dry central and western areas of Chaco and Formosa provinces, and in the far east of Salta. Sometimes referred to pejoratively as Mataco.
A street; a village; a castle; a dwelling; a place of work, or exercise of authority; -- now obsolete except in composition; as, bailiwick, Warwick, Greenwick.
a very powerful exercise to elevate energy from the lower Chakras to the higher ones
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a clone of the NEELIX looks quite the same
Keywords:  wick, variant
A variant of 1st wick.
Keywords:  rink, flanked, previous, port, passage
A narrow port or passage in the rink or course, flanked by the stones of previous players.
Keywords:  wind, machine, rope
a machine that is used to wind up a rope