Definitions for "Web space"
Your very own bit of space on the internet, usually free, provided by your ISP, where you can build your own Web presence. Paid for Web space or 'Hosting', quite rightly, should have an upgraded service.
Disk space or web space is the amount of space you are allowed to take up on the web host's hard drive. In most cases this is limited, so that they can store many web sites on one hard drive or server. Most web sites can operate just fine under 20mb, but it is common now for basic hosting plans to include 100 to 200 mb.
Web space, or disk space, is the amount of allocated storage you are given on your Web hosting account. You use this space to store files, web pages, databases and graphics. Web space is always measured in MB (megabytes). You can easily upgrade and increase your Web space if you are approaching your allocated amount.
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Same as Web Pages.