Definitions for "WCCC"
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See Wholesale Customer Care Center.
Working Connections Child Care program. DSHS run child care program for both public assistance and non-assistance households. See: Child Care Manual
Working Connections Child Care. A child care subsidy program that helps families with children pay for child care to find jobs, keep their jobs, and get better jobs. See also WAC 388-290-0001, and the WCCC manual. To get WCCC, your countable income must be at or under the income standards below, which are based on the size of your family: Standards effective 4/1/2006 Family Size Maximum Monthly Countable Income$1634$2200$2766$3334$3900$4466$5034$5600 NOTE: There are other factors besides income that can affect your eligibility for WCCC. You won't know for sure until you fill out an application and talk to someone. You can find the office closest to you here.
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Western Canada Coal Company