Definitions for "Wally"
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Wally is a character in the Pokémon video game series. He is a sickly young boy and who acts as the protége of the main character as well as the Rival at the end of the game after you battle May or Brendan in Lillycove City.
Wally (pronounced Wall - ey ) is a game played predominantly in secondary schools in the north of England. The game is generally played during breaks and requires a wall and tennis ball. Numbers involved in games range from four to 30-ish; however, numbers become unmanageable beyond 15.
Wally is a character from the Dilbert comic strip. Inspired by a coworker of creator Scott Adams at Pacific Bell, he is a lazy employee always trying to work the system, although he is very capable at his occupation. In Seven Years of Highly Defective People and What Would Wally Do, Adams explained that his co-worker at Pacific Bell wanted to avail himself of the generous severance packages being offered by the company during a period of downsizing, because he was told there was no future for him at the company; he thus embarked on a mission to get fired.
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a pickled gerkin, well done dizbuster
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a silly and inept person; someone who is regarded as stupid
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(wol'ee). . a member of a college or high school marching band. Also band wally.