Definitions for "Waka"
Keywords:  poem, tanka, syllable, poetry, thirty
(Japanese poem) Traditional poetry in Japanese language and style, particularly those varieties found in the Manyoshu. Today, virtually synonymous with tanka.
A style of Japanese poetry containing thirty-one syllables.
31-syllable classical poem.
In the Māori language and New Zealand English, waka are Māori watercraft, usually canoes. Similar craft are encountered elsewhere in Polynesia, with cognate names such as vaka.As with most loan-words from the Māori language, the plural of "waka" is simply "waka", not "wakas".
Waka is a new protocol intended as "a binary, token-based replacement for HTTP." It is "designed to match the efficiency of the REST architectural style."
Manifestation of the supernatural. Idol or temple where this is kept. Deity, sacred thing.