Definitions for "Waggle"
Keywords:  golfer, fro, club, swing, tension
To reel, sway, or move from side to side; to move with a wagging motion; to waddle.
the preliminary swinging of the club head back and forth over the ball in the line of the proposed stroke.
Movement made by a player during address. These movements are usually to relax the player or sometimes to align their shot. Sometimes they are quite funny. I played with a gentleman who's waggle looked like a dog after she'd just left the pond.
Keywords:  playaction, bootleg, drag, delays, pass
A playaction pass with bootleg action.
Another term for a Drag pass route whereby the receiver delays reaching a certain area.
Keywords:  tail, happy, repeatedly, dog, move
To move frequently one way and the other; to wag; as, a bird waggles his tail.
causing to move repeatedly from side to side
move from side to side; "The happy dog wagged his tail"
A waggling or wagging;