Definitions for "Vibrate"
Keywords:  fro, quiver, waver, pendulum, oscillate
To brandish; to move to and fro; to swing; as, to vibrate a sword or a staff.
To mark or measure by moving to and fro; as, a pendulum vibrating seconds.
To move to and fro, or from side to side, as a pendulum, an elastic rod, or a stretched string, when disturbed from its position of rest; to swing; to oscillate.
Vibrate is a live album released by The Manhattan Transfer in September 28, 2004 on the Telarc label. This is their second live album.
feel sudden intense sensation or emotion; "he was thrilled by the speed and the roar of the engine"
Keywords:  resonates, theater, sound, well
sound with resonance; "The sound resonates well in this theater"
Keywords:  voice, command, record
Voice Command Voice Record
Keywords:  motion, affect, set
To affect with vibratory motion; to set in vibration.