Definitions for "Vav"
Variable Air Volume. An air handling system, unlike a single zone, terminal reheat, multi-zone, or dual duct, supplies air at a constant temperature and varies the air quantity supplied to each zone.
Variable Air Volume. HVAC system that controls the dry-bulb temperature within a space by varying the volumetric flow of heated or cooled supply air to the space.
See "Variable Air Volume System".
(vahv) n. Vav. 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet having a sound of “v” as in vine. Originally represented by a pictograph meaning “nail,” “peg,” or “add.”Gematria = 6.
V; Hook Sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Considered the number of man because man was created on the sixth day. Unless dotted in the middle ( an oo/u sound) or above ( o sound), its pronunciation is equivalent to the English consonant "V".