Definitions for "Urizen"
Keywords:  tyrannical, zoas, blake, pathetic, pun
Urizen is one of the Eternals or Four Zoas; he is associated with the intellect and with various forms of rationalism, literalism, and materialism. Urizen is usually tyrannical or at least wants to be so, but he is often weak and pathetic, and occasionally heroic. The name suggests the Greek god of the heavens, Uranus, and a pun on "Your Reason" and "Horizon," which is the limit on perception imposed in this world by Your Reason. Not all the old men with beards in Blake are Urizen, and Urizen is not always the bad guy.
Urizen is a fictional character in the comic book world of Spawn. He is a Dark God, a powerful entity that existed before the current universe and the coming of God and is a fan favorite character despite his brief appearance and minor role in the book.