Definitions for "UNIMOG"
An acronym derived from UNI versal MO tor erat, which means Universal Motor Equipment. The original models of Unimog such as the 2010 and the 411 had a 4 cylinder 25 HP Diesel engine. The Unimog 404.1 is a one and a half ton NATO rated truck. The 404.1 was typically equipped with a 2.2L straight-six overhead-cam gasoline engine, rated at 82 to 90 HP. There was a 404.0 that had the 404.1 running gear, a 2.8L dual carb engine, and a cab much like a 406. The newer Unimogs are all Diesel powered, and cover a wide range of sizes and HP ratings.
All wheel drive trucks made by Mercedes Benz See [web page].
a cross between a tractor, a tank-recovery truck and a tug boat
a military vehicle - a vehicle built for the most extreme conditions