Definitions for "Undiscovered"
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Undiscovered is the debut album and first studio album from Pop/R&B singer Brooke. The first single was About Us featuring Paul Wall. She recorded the album in Miami, Florida with hit produced Scott Storch over a 4 month period.
Undiscovered is the debut album by English singer-songwriter James Morrison, released in the United Kingdom on 31 July 2006. In its first week he sold 84,611 albums in the UK. Its been certificate Gold in Australia and New Zealand and platinum in the UK.
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Undiscovered is a 2005 film directed by Meiert Avis. The plot is about a group of aspiring entertainers who intend to establish their careers in Los Angeles.
To present participles which come from intransitive verbs, or are themselves employed as adjectives, to mark the absence of the activity, disposition, or condition implied by the participle;
not discovered; "with earth-based telescopes many stars remain undiscovered"
not yet discovered; "undiscovered islands"