Definitions for "underperform"
In general, this means to do worse than some particular benchmark. Mutual Fund XYZ is said to underperform the S&P500 if its return falls short of the S&P500 return. However, this language does not take risk into account. That is, one might have a lower return than the benchmark in a particular year because of lower risk exposure. Underperform is also a term used by analysts to describe the prospects of a particular company. Usually, this means that the company will do worse than its industry average. Related: outperform.
perform less well or with less success than expected; "John consistently underachieves, although he is very able"; "My stocks underperformed last year"
When a stock underperforms it does not meet the growth or earnings expectations of the market.
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perform too rarely; "Her plays are underperformed, although they are very good"
When a performs less than the overall market.
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see underperformer.