Definitions for "Umbo"
Keywords:  boss, beak, bivalve, knob, tympanic
The boss of a shield, at or near the middle, and usually projecting, sometimes in a sharp spike.
A boss, or rounded elevation, or a corresponding depression, in a palate, disk, or membrane; as, the umbo in the integument of the larvæ of echinoderms or in the tympanic membrane of the ear.
One of the lateral prominences just above the hinge of a bivalve shell.
A blunt or rounded projection arising from a surface, as on a pine cone scale.
a slight rounded elevation where the malleus attaches to the eardrum
A blunt or rounded elevation or protuberance on the end or side of a solid organ, as on the scales of pine cones.
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Keywords:  softly, bump, cap, curved, flat
a softly curved bump in a flat cap