Definitions for "Tyres"
Rubber tyres are available in treaded and slicks for different track conditions; foam tyres may give the best traction but are expensive, hard to maintain and best kept for pro racing.
Formula One tyres are currently supplied by Bridgestone and Michelin. The front tyres may not exceed 355 mm in width, and the rear tyres 380 mm. The diameter of the rims may not exceed 330 mm. Current regulations specify grooved tyres, which means that the tyres must feature four longitudinal grooves located symmet- rically on the surface, at least 14 mm wide and 2.5 mm deep. The manufacturers provide new compounds for almost every Grand Prix race, with varying degrees of hardness depending on the features of the individual circuits and cars.
this really is how most of the English-speaking world spells those round rubber things on each corner of the car.