Definitions for "Two-up"
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coin gambling game, illegal except on Anzac Day.
An gambling game where wagers are placed on the outcome of two coins (usually pennies) which are tossed into the air. The game was popularised by Australian soldiers in World War I and a modified version (to provide a return to the house) now operates in all Australian casinos.
Two-up is a gambling game, and one of Australia's many contributions to the world of gambling.Another being the totalisator/parimutuel mechanism of the engineer Sir George Julius. It is also widely known as swy (also spelt swei), and this is usually explained in terms of the German word zwei, "two" (on the basis that swy uses two coins).
( adjective) Riding a motorcycle with a passenger.
Two-up is a term used to describe a rider and a co-rider. A two-up mustn't exceed the recommended maximum weight for the motorcycle.
Running two of the same image on a sheet of paper.
Printing two copies of each page on a single sheet. They are eventually trimmed into separate entities after binding.
The imposition of two items to be printed on the same sheet in order to take advantage of full press capacity and minimize paper consumption.
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Like the One-Up, a prototype's size in relation to the actual production run; two sizes bigger or three times the size of the production size. [][ Go To Bottom
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Sewing two sections at a time, with one length of thread, to reduce swell.
Binding in units of two which are subsequently cut in the middle making two books