Definitions for "Tweaking"
The period of depression, paranoia, aggressive behavior, confusion, irritability, insomnia, and nervousness following a meth induced high.
Tweaking is a slang term to describe someone visibly under the influence of methamphetamine, sometimes pejoratively. Used as an adjective, someone who is tweaking is referred to as being "twacked". Chronic methamphetamine users are commonly known as tweakers and amongst users the drug itself is sometimes known as tweak.
Controversial The fine tuning of one's game through adjustment of CVARs.
Adjusting anything in/on your system that may increase its performance.
Making minor adjustments to your web pages to improve ranking.
the process of moving individual vertices of 3D geometric object, such as a mesh or a TIN
In animation, the activity of moving or setting keys on individual points of an object. Tweaking is useful to avoid unexpected effects caused by deformers. Also known as point tweaking.
This is a term used to describe changing settings, adding programs, etc. in order to make your computer run faster or more efficiently. Visit my Tweaking Tips.