Definitions for "TRT"
Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. procedure developed by the Royal National Institute for Deaf People in collaboration with Professor Jastreboff, at the University of Maryland. The procedure is available from numerous treatment centers in the United States.
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Thai Rak Thai
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A clock that times the period between the receipt of tokens.
Token rotation timer. A timer that controls FDDI ring scheduling during normal operation and detects serious ring errors.
TECHNICAL RECOVERY TEAMS. The National Marine Fisheries Service created groups of scientists from inside and outside government with a mix of expertise in salmon biology, population dynamics, conservation biology, ecology, and all other disciplines necessary for setting recovery standards and for measuring recovery efforts.
Technical Review Team
technology resource teachers. Teachers hired to work with other teachers, often in the classroom, one-on-one, on using technology in the curriculum.
See technology resource teachers.
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Total Recording Time. The duration of time from sleep onset to final awakening. In addition to total sleep time, it is comprised of the time taken up by wake periods and movement time until wake-up. See Sleep Efficiency.
Total Recording Time. Time in minutes from Lights Out (Start) to Lights On (End).
Trace Table. A CICS table used to record information about exception conditions which may be useful for any first failure data capture. Additionally, at the user's option other levels of tracing can occur.
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The Rising Tied
Abbreviation for transition tree.