Definitions for "Troth"
Keywords:  betrothal
or Elder Troth = yet another name for our religion. Religion wasn't compartmentalized in the old days (it was more integrated into life and culture as a whole), so it never really even HAD a name. When a name for what we Asatruars believe and do became necessary in modern times (the modern view of religion is not all bad; for one thing it lets people of different religions and no religion live and work peacefully together under a secular government), a number of names were coined and no one of them won out over the others. See Folk.
Keywords:  fidelity, solemn, faith, belief, pledge
Belief; faith; fidelity.
a solemn pledge of fidelity
Keywords:  veracity, verity, truth
Truth; verity; veracity; as, by my troth.
Keywords:  promise, marry, mutual
a mutual promise to marry