Definitions for "Trooper"
A soldier in a body of cavalry; a cavalryman; also, the horse of a cavalryman.
A mounted policeman.
The lowest rank in the cavalry.
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Trooper is a Juno Award winning .Canadian rock band that developed from a group formed by vocalist Ramon McGuire and guitarist Brian Smith in 1965. As the principal songwriters for the group, McGuire and Smith have performed as Trooper (originally called Winters Green and later Applejack) from inception to the present day.
Trooper is the self titled debut album by Canadian rock band Trooper, released in 1975. The album was produced by Randy Bachman of Bachman-Turner Overdrive and The Guess Who fame. The album would produce two Canadian hits "Baby Woncha Please Come Home" and "Good 'Ol General Hand Grenade".
a census-designated place located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
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a term for a troll that moves to the Upper Peninsula
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A state police officer; -- also called state trooper.