Definitions for "Triples"
Keywords:  trailers, ltl, dollies, tractor, towing
A three digit number consisting of the same number. Example; 111.
A set of three 28-foot trailers, connected with two converter dollies, used to transport LTL freight.
Tractor towing three trailers. The combination is usually made up of components similar to A Train DOUBLE. see DOUBLES.
Keywords:  grandsire, rung, bells, method, name
A method has triples after it's name when it is rung on 7 bells. E.g. Grandsire Triples.
Keywords:  skip, vice, bowls, team, lead
A game in which each team has 3 players on their team - a Skip, a Vice and a Lead. Typically each player then only uses 3 bowls each.
Keywords:  batter, hits, reaching, third, base
Number of hits that resulted in the batter reaching third base.