Definitions for "Treadle"
Keywords:  lathe, lever, foot, sewing, impart
The part of a foot lathe, or other machine, which is pressed or moved by the foot.
a lever that is operated with the foot
a foot operated lever used to impart motion to a machine, such as a sewing machine or lathe for example
Keywords:  avc, surveillance, axle, tire, lane
An axle-counting device, located in the lane and activated by the presence of a tire included as part of an Automatic/Automated Vehicle Classification (AVC) or surveillance system.
Keywords:  chalaza, bird, egg
The chalaza of a bird's egg; the tread.
Keywords:  brickmaker, pick, clay, stones, over
tread over; "the brickmaker treadles over clay to pick out the stones"
Keywords:  pedal, railway, earliest, hence, lack
On a railway, a treadle is a device that detects the passing of a train, a bit like a track circuit, and might be used to put a railway signal to stop. The earliest treadles were mechanical devices which looked a bit like a pedal, hence the name, although later electrical and electronic versions lack this physical feature.
Keywords:  machinery, operate
operate (machinery) by a treadle