Definitions for "TRAILS"
A shared-use pedestrian, equestrian, cyclist route or system which is not paved.
Traffic or travel route guidance and planning message
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The visual effect usually seen while on a trip when something moves through your field a vision. It seems like multiple images of the moving object as it passes by.
Refers to a poorly mastered disc in which moving objects on screen are followed by a "trail" of subsequent images. Extra: As stated, this is a problem which is not inherent to DVD, and is avoidable by careful encoding. However, some DVD's aren't supervised properly in their production, and are released with this very noticeable encoding error. A Hero Never Dies is particularly guilty of this.
Testing Realities and Investigating Lifestyles; an alcohol and drug abuse prevention program for Indian youths.
A pathway constructed of various materials such as asphalt, stone dust, or natural surface that is used for recreation, or as an alternative mode of non-motorized transportation, or both.