Definitions for "Trackers"
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders 'employed' to help the authorities in finding lost people or felons. In World War Two, the immense skills of many recently colonised Northern Aboriginal communities were used to find downed aircrews from the Australia, Dutch and United States Airforce. Also used to maintain a vigil over the vast Northern coastline of Australia in case of Japanese invasion or recconaisance parties. I've used the term 'employed' loosly due to the fact that most of these people were NEVER paid their entitled pay and their services often ignored by the Government.
Production company assistants whose job it is to track down stories as they are happening, or to pursue novels they "get wind of" at early stages in the publishing process.
Trackers is a brief demonstration of different target-tracking algorithms which could be used in various games.
device that emits numeric coordinates for its changing position in space