Definitions for "Timmy"
One of the three player psychographics. Timmy loves big creatures. He loves to smash his opponant with Wurms, Dragons, or Demons. If it is big, and it makes you worry when it hits the board, it has his interest. If a Timmy plays ten games in one night, and only wins three. But in those three, he completely trounces his opponants. He walks away a happy person. This form of playing manifested first of the three psychographics in the Unglued card Timmy, Power Gamer.
Timmy is a fictional character by avant-garde group The Residents, first appearing in the 1995 CD-ROM project Bad Day on the Midway. The character was brought back on July 26, 2006 in a series of weekly short videos featuring Timmy telling anecdotes about his life and other strange stories. The videos are being released in the website You Tube, and can be accessed through the Residents' official website and My Space page.
a captivating, intoxicating individual