Definitions for "Tickle"
To touch lightly, so as to produce a peculiar thrilling sensation, which commonly causes laughter, and a kind of spasm which become dengerous if too long protracted.
To feel titillation.
To excite the sensation of titillation.
Ticklish; easily tickled.
Liable to change; uncertain; inconstant.
Wavering, or liable to waver and fall at the slightest touch; unstable; easily overthrown.
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To please; to gratify; to make joyous.
a saltwater strait with treacherous tides
Tickle is a compiler for the Illicom TradeXpress Transaction Control Language . It has better error messages, provides more informative syntax and semantic error messages, and generates ANSI standard C.
Term used to describe certain types of weapons with a very short range, but usually a lot of power, which protrude at a constant clip from the player's craft, and are designed to be utilized at high risk for high-end results, requiring players to fly very close to enemies to do continuous damage.
a narrow channel of water, which in our case is dark due to its surrounding high hills
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the act of tickling