Definitions for "Third-party liability"
Keywords:  intoxicated, else, tort, harm, injury
is coverage that insures against an accident that damages someone else's property, or injures or kills someone else. tort is a legal definition for an act that causes injury or damage arising from negligence.
Third-party liability refers to an individual's obligation to repair all or part of the damage that individual caused to a third party. In home insurance, the contract covers the personal liability of the insured and his spouse and children, as well as the animals for which they are responsible, for injury or damage caused to third persons. In auto insurance, third-party liability insurance is mandatory. All drivers must be insured against damage or injury that they could cause to a third party. (See Section A – Third-Party Liability.)
A law that allows a victim to sue a server or licensee for damages and injuries resulting from the actions of a customer. Third-party liability applies when the server or licensee violated the law by serving a minor or a visibly intoxicated person. The first party is the licensee/server, the second party is the customer, and the third party is the victim.