Definitions for "Themes"
Themes is a 1989 compilation album of works by Greek electronic composer and artist Vangelis. It featured some previously released tracks from Vangelis's other albums, as well as some emovie soundtracks that had not previously been released.
Themes is an album by Moravian ethno metal band Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy (Czech Republic), originally released in 2000 by Redblack. This album was priced Czech Grammy Award as the best act in hard'n'heavy genre in 2001.
Themes is an album by Psychic TV originally included with the initial 5,000 pressings of Force The Hand Of Chance.
A set of common map elements grouped via identifying characteristic to make up a layer or theme. A paradigm for looking at geographic data is to group similar features together. For example, a water theme might contain rivers, creeks, and shorelines.
Themes create the overall look of a page on UniSAnet. For example themes can: specify what appears in the banner (at the top of each Web page) define colour and size of the banner define colour and size of the left navigation frame. UniSAnet supporta two types of themes – default and custom. Four default themes are available for authors to select from. Custom themes can be developed for use by particular programs or schools – these themes are designed by Online Services in the Flexible Learning Centre in collaboration with the requestor and can help ‘brand' the online environment for the program or school.
these are 50 premade BbBoard looks that can install with one click of the mouse in the Themes screen in the Admin center. You can see these all in action on our BbTheme board here:
Freire proposes a thematic methodology that future studies can adapt to the investigation of Metatheatre spectacles. Each spectacle is a “thematic universe” in what Freire (1970: 86) defines as a complex of “generative themes.
Themes or Research Themes are the focal points of CRCAH research program as defined in the CRCAH business plan. They underpin the program areas but will be less prominent in the CRCAH structure from 2005.
Central ideas or truths found in the biblical stories.
big ideas of science that transcend various scientific disciplines
the underlying message(s) a writing brings to a work