Definitions for "THA"
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Thai Hotels Association
Thomas Horton Associates, Inc.
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The second syllable of the word ‘Hatha'. The first syllable ‘Ha' stands for the sun, while the second syllable ‘Tha' stands for the moon. The union of these two is Hatha Yoga.
Transitional Health Authority. The THA was the single health funding body from 1 July 1997 to 31 December 1997. It was replaced with the Health Funding Authority.
Texas Housing Agency. Created in 1979, the THA issues tax exempt mortgage revenue bonds. The funds may be used to purchase existing mortgages from lending institutions, to purchase new mortgage loans, or to make direct loans to qualified housing sponsors who are recommended by a lending institution. The agency does not actually originate mortgages, but issues commitments to lenders to purchase mortgages that meet all the agency's requirements. This is known as a forward commitment program.