Definitions for "Test Set"
A telephone handset with extra electronics designed to test telephone circuits (also called a butt set).
the set of all work products that are produced during the testing activity. Contrast with architecture set, deployment set design set, implementation set, management set, process set, and requirements set.
a subset of dataset that had no examples in it that were seen during the training of an algorithm
A collection of test cases specifically aimed at one or multiple quality characteristics and one or more test units.
A device used to measure the frequency and resistance characteristics of a quartz crystal unit. Often called a "crystal impedance meter," abbreviated as "C.I.M."
Measures the frequency and resistance characteristic of a quartz crystal unit. Also referred as "crystal impedance meter," abbreviated as "C.I.M."
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The 2000 football IPO's which were made available online to a select group of collectors during beta testing.
Equipment used to check standards of water condition.