Definitions for "Termite"
"Termite" is a collection of build utilities which can be used together with other build tools like Ant . In contradiction to Ant frameworks like CruiseControl or AntHill no servlet engine is needed to start or automate
Any one of numerous species of pseudoneoropterous insects belonging to Termes and allied genera; -- called also white ant. See Illust. of White ant.
A member of the order Isopetra. Syn. White ant. There are three ecological classes of termites :- Damp wood. A termite which enters wood directly from the air at the time of swarming and has no contact with the ground, but which requires abundant moisture for its existence and consequently confines its activities largely to decaying wood. Dry Wood. A termite which is exclusively wood inhabiting, never entering the ground and requiring but little moisture for its existence. Subterranean. A termite which is essentially soil-inhabiting, entering wood only from the ground, and requiring a constant supply of moisture for its existence. It readily invades wood in contact with damp soil and is also able to build covered runways over impenetrable obstructions and thus reach wood removed from ground contact. ( BCFT modif.).
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See Woodchuck.
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(slang) A carpenter.