Definitions for "Temperature Range"
The minimum and maximum temperature for which the deviation from the nominal frequency will not vary by a given amount.
Operating: The specified ambient temperature over which it is safe to operate the power supply. Storage: The specified ambient temperature in which the power supply can be stored without risk of damage.
The maximum temperature range that a wheel can operate within for a period of time and still maintain its characteristics.
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These temperatures indicate the plant's prefe ...
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This refers to the entire span (in degrees) that your AC unit can be adjusted to. If this span is less than 20 degrees, it may not work well for those that live in particularly hot climates.
The flow regulator performance shown in the brochure refers to a hot and cold water range up to 45°C. Using flow regulators in hot water applications up to 90°C slightly reduces the flow rate. However, the use of flow regulators in hot water applications should be checked in advance with the manufacturer.