Definitions for "TCap "
See Transaction Capabilities Application Port.
Transaction Capabilities Application Port. Functions that control non-circuit related information switched between two or more signaling nodes.
Transaction Capabilities Application Part. TCAP is a protocol within the signaling system number 7 (SS7) suite of protocols that is used to perform database queries across the SS7 network.
TCap is a simple video4linux capture application that displays your video input on the full screen using SVGAlib. The code is short and clear, so it can be useful to new v4l programmers.
a utility that captures text from the console to a filespecified by the user
targeted cryoablation of the prostate
A system that supports intelligent network service by enabling the exchange of noncircuit-related information between different signaling points (that is, network nodes).
Tactical Channel Assignment Panel
Technical Cooperation Action Plan