Definitions for "Tanga"
Similar to a boy short but slightly higher in the waist and lower in the leg. This style usually has thin straps across the hips. Tap pants Shorts with loose fitting legs, generally rides higher on the sides. These used to be so easy to find, usually in sets with camisoles, but they are much harder to find now.
a Brazilian inspired style that features a high leg cut, moderate seat coverage, and a moderately low rise waist worn just above the hips
A lingerie pant style that has thin straps across the hips. Similar to a boy short but slightly higher in the waist and lower in the leg.
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a species of culotte with a full front but with a legline cut above the buttocks, so that the buttocks are fully or almost fully exposed
A style of panty that is cut high in back exposing some of the buttocks.
A tanga is between a bikini and a thong. A tanga has narrower back coverage than a traditional panty, but is not as narrow as a thong. Tangas are a more common silhouette in Europe. They are also a comfortable transition from a bikini before attempting a thong.
Tanga poetry is a five-line version of haiga and consists of short poetic quintains in either the tanka,tetractys,lanterne or American cinquain formats, superimposed upon a picture.The poem complements and is relevant to the visual image.The poem is normally digitally inserted upon the related photographic image or picture or drawing in a contrasting coloured type to the colours of the photo..
A tanga (Hindi: टोन्गा, Urdu: ٹانگہ) or tonga is a light horse-drawn carriage used for transportation in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.
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100 tanga equal 1 Tajikistani ruble
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Means retarded or REALLY stupid. Advise against using it even as a joke.