Definitions for "Talkback"
1. On some mixers, a microphone or microphone input that allows the operator to talk to people via the main, group, or auxiliary ouputs. Much like a normal mic channel input, but only contains routing switches (usually only momentary) and a volume (gain) control. 2. Replying to someone in a rude and disrespectful manner. Something you don't do to your parents, teachers, pastor, or God.
A system allowing the operator to speak to the artistes or to tape via the auxiliary or group outputs.
A feature that enables the engineer to use a console microphone in the control room to talk to vocalists and musicians over studio monitors or headphones.
Talkback was the third album by the Burlington, Ontario-based band Spoons. The tracks that got airplay in Canada were "Old Emotions", "The Rhythm" and "Talk Back". A video was also produced for "Old Emotions", directed by Rob Quartly.
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Establishes a complete feedback-channel between developer and their program. Includes: *app monitoring libs *incident-log-server Transports over SOAP/SSL and SMTP so far.
This is a crash data capturing program that Mozilla uses so that crashes can more efficiently be fixed.