Definitions for "Syndicator"
Keywords:  businessman, forms
a businessman who forms a syndicate
A retailer that sells goods and services in conjunction with credit card companies.
an intermediary between an investor(s) and a developer(s) which packages the syndication deal for each, passing through capital from investors to a project and tax credits from a project to the investors.
Sponsor of a syndicate involving people or companies buying an interest in a real estate investment or unit. The group of investors are in effect engaged in a joint venture for profit.
a web portal which pulls together multiple news/content sources into a single page
In the world of content syndication, one of the two parties in an ICE relationship, who sends information and content to the other party, a subscriber. The syndicator uses ICE to send information and content to the subscriber. The role of content syndicator is carried out by Oracle Syndicator Server.
a firm which acquires the rights to programs for purposes of marketing them to additional customers
Company that holds the rights to distribute programs nationally or internationally.
Operation that makes available prepared direct mail promotions for specific products or services to a list owner for mailing to its own list; most syndicators also offer product fulfillment services.