Definitions for "Swath"
Keywords:  mowing, scythe, cradling, grass, baling
A line of grass or grain cut and thrown together by the scythe in mowing or cradling.
The whole sweep of a scythe, or the whole breadth from which grass or grain is cut by a scythe or a machine, in mowing or cradling; as, to cut a wide swath.
the space created by the swing of a scythe or the cut of a mowing machine
Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull - such design concept minimises the effect of waves on performance
Small-Waterplane-Area Twin-Hull. A ship design. A SWATH vessel typically has two parallel torpedo-like lower hulls completely submerged below the water surface. Above water, a SWATH vessel looks like a catamaran.
Keywords:  fillet, width, sweep, hurricane, band
A band or fillet; a swathe.
a band or path
The width of the path of the hurricane. Usually this path area is about 125 miles wide with 75 miles to the right of the eye and 50 miles to the left of the eye.
Refers to the 185 kilometer wide ETM+ imaging ground track. Menu
The area observed by a satellite as it orbits the Earth.
The ground to either side of its track that a satellite scans as it passes over an area.
Keywords:  aos, spacecraft, los, acquisition, pass
A swath of data is all data received from a spacecraft on a single pass from acquisition of signal (AOS) to loss of signal (LOS).