Definitions for "svp "
svp is an svgalib frontend for ghostscript. It allows for viewing postscript and PDF files without X
spontaneous venous pulsations. periodic changes in size of veins in the retina (in the back of the eye); absence indicates elevated ICP
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Small Volume Parenteral. sNDA SNP
Stored Value processor. A server that handles CyberSource gift certificates and promotions. It processes Stored Value certificate (SVC) transaction and query requests from all merchants that are integrated to the CyberSource system. Every SVC that has been issued is tracked in the CyberSource SVP server's database. As customers redeem their SVCs, the balances are adjusted. At any time, merchants and customers can look up their SVCs online to get current balances and other information. All of this activity is handled by the CyberSource SVP server.
See "Vallee Classification System".
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Senior Vice President
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Still Video Player (Panasonic AGES-100)
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Software Vendor Process
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Switched Virtual Path
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Special Vehicle Page
Special Visits Program