Definitions for "Submissions"
The process submitting your web site to a search engine in order to be included in the index or directory. The submission does not guarantee listing or ranking. In addition, submission does not help with rank improvement on crawler-based search engines unless search engine optimization efforts have been taken. Submission can be done manually (i.e., you fill out an online form and submit) or automated, where a software program or online service may process the forms behind the scenes. Enclick provides a search engine submission service, which covers two dozen major search engines.
Submissions to Search engines are a key part of online optimization. Submissions are done when you, your web master or your agency submit your site to a Search engine in order to be included in the index or directory.
A way to allow search engines to find site so that indexing takes less time. The alternative is to link to other pages and wait until next periodic indexing.
A party's arguments presented to the Tribunal, in written or oral form.
When you present your arguments on law, policy or facts regarding your case, either in person or in writing.
a fully defined application, Prelude can provide model documents for the following validation requirements
This is an invitation to the public to respond to a project or policy proposal document or idea in some detail. The invitation may be mailed or emailed out to specific targeted groups or individuals, and can also be posted to a Web site (e-consultation). Submissions allow interested parties to make detailed responses to proposals. Submissions may be in the form of a letter, a short document or a substantial paper.
Manuscripts sent to a publisher by an author or agent. Submissions can be exclusive, multiple, or simultaneous.