Definitions for "Stormwatch"
Stormwatch (1979) is an album by the rock group Jethro Tull - the third in a trilogy of albums mixing traditional British Isles folk harmonies with more conventional pop rock music. The album deals with the deterioration of the environment, warning of an apocalyptic future if mankind does not cease its drive for economic growth and pay attention to nature. Indeed, it is the last stage of the growth of pessimism following the hope of Songs from the Wood and the darker view of Heavy Horses.
Stormwatch is a fictional United Nations-sponsored superhero team in the Wildstorm Universe. Stormwatch was created by Jim Lee in 1993. There have been several incarnations of Stormwatch with varying rosters, resources, and manifests.
a new multi-media concept designed to provide South Louisiana with the most comprehensive hurricane and storm coverage before, during and after a major weather disturbance
a stand-alone layer of security, which can also work together with existing security infrastructures to provide the most comprehensive protection