Definitions for "Standard operating procedures"
Written procedures [prescribing and describing the steps to be taken in normal and defined conditions] which are necessary to assure control of production and processes.
A comprehensive book of a company's policies and procedures. Also called SOP.
Written procedures designed to ensure data and analysis quality by requiring uniform performance of specific functions by the group(s) that fall within their scope. An SOP is designed to provide a high level overview of tasks or functions performed. An SOP, by definition, must be followed unless a documented exception is approved.
Work practices, personal protective equipment or protective devices as well as engineering controls which are employed to minimize contact with a hazardous material. The selection of the most effective set depends as much on the conditions of use of the material and the physical environment, as it does on the innate toxicological properties of the chemical.
Instructions and methods used for a specific process or situation. They document the normal or accepted methodology and help form the basis for conformance evaluation.
a firm's established methods for recording business transactions.