Definitions for "Stalled"
The condition of having a "full" sail with no air flow over the convex surface. This is seen when the leeward telltale stops streaming. The significance is that the sail is not working efficiently and the sail's angle to the wind must change to get it working again. This is accomplished on a close hauled course by steering the boat toward the source of the wind. When sailing off the wind, it is accomplished by easing the sheet to let the sail out.
As with a wing, a rudder loses its `lift' and turning power when the water comes at it from an angle too far away from the angle at which it is pointing.
When a maneuver is intentionally started late into a jump/trick
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status indicating that a ticket cannot be worked on for now, but will open again when someone adds a comment or reply.
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Put or kept in a stall; hence, fatted.
A stalled domain is running, but cannot presently continue to execute its domain code. When a running domain invokes a key to a busy domain, the running domain becomes stalled until the busy domain becomes available.