Definitions for "SSM"
ystem tatus anagement. A method of managing emergency unit resources to ensure the quickest possible response to any incident. Units are located according to call volume and incidence of calls in each geographical Post, and staffing is based on the number of calls that usually come in during a given time period.
See storage manager.
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Midget submarine
Source-specific multicast. A service that allows a client to receive multicast traffic directly from the source. Typically, SSM uses a subset of the PIM sparse-mode functionality along with a subset of IGMPv3 to create a shortest-path tree between the client and the source, but builds the shortest-path tree without the help of a rendezvous point.
RealPlay Standard Streming Metafile
Sport Study Model
A spatially detailed multi-modal model for Southampton
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System Status Matrix
Synchronous Status Messaging
Sync Status Messaging. A SONET protocol that communicates information about the quality of the timing source using the S1 byte of the line overhead.
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Surface-to-Surface Missile.
Special Safeguard Mechanism
Support Systems Module
Special Study Module
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Semi-Solid Material
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SSM can be an abbreviation for