Definitions for "SQR"
SQR is the acronym for Structured Query Reporting. It is an SQL-based programming language, which PeopleSoft uses to run some of its most sophisticated offline processes and reports.
School Quality Review Student-led Conference A "parent-teacher" conference at which your child acts as your guide, sharing with you the things he or she has discovered or achieved through the learning process during the past report card period.
A programming language for database processing and reporting. Standard Operational Report - A Standard Report is a report that is executed on a regularly scheduled basis by Data Managers or Operational Managers or as part of the operational batch schedule.   When it runs it usually runs for the entire population, not just for a specific user or school or student, but rather for all schools or all students.  Operational reports are typically needed for the ongoing day-to-day business of the university.  (see Static Report)