Definitions for "Spurious Emission"
emissions on a frequency or frequencies which are outside the necessary bandwidth and the level of which may be reduced without affecting the corresponding transmission of information. Spurious emissions include harmonic emissions, parasitic emissions, intermodulation products and frequency conversion products, but exclude out-of-band emissions. SSB single sideband STAJ short term antijam STC station class TAC Tactical Air Command TACC Tactical Air Control Center TACS Tactical Air Control System
In RF, an unwanted radiated signal, usually considered to arise as an undesirable side effect of a process, or as a result of some imperfection. The spurious output of one device may become interference to another device.
Electromagnetic radiation transmitted on a frequency outside the bandwidth required for satisfactory transmission of the required waveform. Spurious emissions include harmonics, parasitic emissions, and intermodulation products, but exclude necessary modulation sidebands of the fundamental carrier frequency.