Definitions for "SPR"
see Subtree Pruning Regrafting.
Subtree Pruning Regrafting. This is a heuristic search algorithm for searching through treespace. It proceeds by breaking off part of the tree and attaching it to another part of the tree. If it finds a better tree, then the new tree is used as a starting tree for another round of SPR. This is a more rigorous algorithm than NNI, but not as robust as TBR. Another name for SPR is cut-and-paste.
Sub-tree Pruning Regrafting.
scan projection radiograph. Generic name for the digital image obtained by linearly translating the patient through the gantry aperture during an x-ray exposure while the x-ray tube remains stationary. The SPR has a similar appearance to a plain radiograph and is used primarily for localizing the required region of scanning. Synonymous terms include radiographic mode and localizer image, together with the proprietary names Pilot scan, Scanogram, Scanoscope, Scoutview, Surview and Topogram.
Scan Projection Radiograph. Scan acquired using a static tube and moving bed that is used to plan scan sequences. Variously known as topogram, scout view, scanogram, surview or pilot scan on different scanners.
See Scheduled Performance Ratio
Spawning Potential Ration. The number of eggs that could be produced by an average recruit in a fished stock divided by the number of eggs that could be produced by an average recruit in an unfished stock. SPR can also be expressed at the spawning stock biomass per recruit (SSBR) of a fished stock divided by the SSBR of the stock before it was fished.
See spawning potential ratio.
see strategic petroleum reserve
STRATEGIC PETROLEUM RESERVE. stockpiles of crude oil owned and controlled by the US government. The SPR exists to protect the US from the effects of interruptions in the supply of oil and can only be accessed by order of the US president. As of 2005, the SPR consisted of around 700 million barrels of oil stored in underground salt caverns along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.
Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The nation's emergency supply of crude oil that can be used to offset a severe oil supply shortage.
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elf- ropelled ifle.
Surface plasmon resonance. A biosensor system used for analyzing ligand binding and kinetics of specific molecules within complex mixtures without prior purification. Binding of a ligand to a biomolecule immobilized on a membrane results in changes in membrane surface plasmon reson
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St - Stap - Step - Str - Stri - Su - Sup
Service de Protection contre les RayonnementsNeer
Software Problem Reports (SPR) are evaluated and discussed by the ISDC configuration control board (CCB).
Seminconductor Process Representation
Special Program Requirement
Special Forces advanced marksman rifle
Specifies the source special purpose register for the operation.
Sprint Document Letter or Foxpro Generated Screen Program
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See Society for Psychical Research.
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Specialist Registrar
System Programming Reference. A CICS reference manual.
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Student Progress Rate
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System Performance Review
Statement of Project Responsibilities