Definitions for "Sponges"
Keywords:  porifera, phylum, animals
Animals from the Phylum Porifera.
Natural sponges, grown by nature, are best for clay work. If and when they decompose, it burns off in firing along with other organics found in clay. Synthetic sponges are lifeless and lack character. This may be opinion, based on experience. Learn more; check out the tutorial below: For more information: TUTORIALS SPONGES TUTORIAL
A group of invertebrates with very simple bodies that spend their lives in one place. Some kinds form a tough, flexible skeleton full of holes or pores. People harvest these skeletons; they were the first sponges used for bathing and cleaning.
An old term no longer in use that referred to the rear tires on a slot car. This distinction was needed because there was three different types of rubber used for slot car tires of the 60's. Sponge, silicone, and standard rubber.