Definitions for "Spandex"
An elastic textile material, used for clothing
A generic term denoting a man-made elastomeric fiber used in place of rubber. Spandex was developed by DuPont in 1959, offering the unique capacity for stretch and recovery. It can stretch to over five times its relaxed strength and fully recover. Spandex is used in support and light support products to provide the energy to shape and compress the leg. Spandex yarns are often covered with nylon yarns to protect the spandex. Spandex is widely used in sock tops and pantyhose waistbands for its stretch/recovery properties and "stay up" holding power. It is increasingly used in corespun yarn and as plaiting yarn to replace textured nylon for better size range, improved fit, and comfort.
a synthetic fiber made from polymer containing polyurethan. Also known as elastane. It is strong and more durable than rubber. It is exceptionally elastic.
(n) goofy clothing material favoured by bicyclists
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