Definitions for "Sofa"
A long seat, usually with a cushioned bottom, back, and ends; -- much used as a comfortable piece of furniture.
an upholstered seat for more than one person
a large, soft piece of furniture that many people can sit on
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The term appears in the late years of the 17th century as a "a couch for reclining" (1692).
An extension of the armchair, less formal and longer than a settee. It was developed in the mid-18th century and became very popular by the early 1800s when it gained springs to aid comfort.
A development of the armchair in the mid-18th century, very popular by the early 1800s with the use of springs for comfort. Longer and less formal than a settee, the sofa enjoys widespread use in modern times.
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a good place to try monkeys becuase you can bail and still be okay
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a public space you usually share with other people," says Dennis Miller, owner of the New York showroom Dennis Miller Associates
a wonderful thing after walking around Barcelona for hours
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Sofa was a Montreal-based band that was active from 1993 to 1997. Most of their songs were written and played in a 10' x 10' room and were later presented in live shows, after which they were discarded. The band was made up of four members.
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a completely state-of-the-art invention, nobody has done it before
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Safety Oriented First Aid Certificate (St. John Ambulance)
an agreement between two countries that spells out the terms under which foreign military troops can operate in the host country
Status of Forces Agreement
a professional Co
Society of Financial Advisers. A professional body linked to the Chartered Insurance Institute. Membership is open to those who have passed the Institute's examinations for the Advanced Financial Planning Certificate.
State Organization Facility Assistance Section
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State Office for the Aging
Statement of financial activities