Definitions for "Skiver"
An inferior quality of leather, made of split sheepskin, tanned by immersion in sumac, and dyed. It is used for hat linings, pocketbooks, bookbinding, etc.
The cutting tool or machine used in splitting leather or skins, as sheepskins.
The thin grain layer split from a sheepskin.
"Never sell yourself, just give," says Keith Allen. To skive [which came into English via those World War I British servicemen who liked the French word for "dodge" (esquiver)] means to fail to do your duty in a glorious, larger-than-life, instructive manner. See: DODGER, FLÂNEUR.
Keywords:  vass, stile, protruding, heel, fraction
A small, sharp plane with a guide channel in it used to remove any protruding surfaces of leather, fraction by fraction, and to match up the edges of stile and heel. [Vass