Definitions for "SKEWING"
Driving two nails at opposing angles. This technique creates a sounder connection by "hooking" the boards together as well as reducing the possibility of splitting.
A technique used by search engines . It refers to the practice of artificially altering the search results so that certain documents will score well on certain queries .
Artificially changing search engine results so that, for example, popular queries will return artificially created listings. Infoseek is currently experimenting with this technique, using a small group of reviewers to artificially force higher relevance for certain sites.
Keywords:  platen, sludge, uneven, mud, roller
The uneven tracking of the substrate on the platen and the take-up roller. sludge: A mud-like substance that forms in ink cans from ink particles.
Keywords:  zig, zag, improper, alignment, screen
Zig-zag pattern on a TV screen due to improper head alignment.
When plate or blanket cylinder are not parallel and so do not make proper contact.
Transforming a graphical image by distorting it about some axis, to some degree. For example, a square can be skewed into a diamond shape.
Keywords:  diagonal, move, direction, causing
causing to move in a diagonal direction
Keywords:  delay, offset, signals, relation, two
Refers to time delay or offset between any two signals in relation to each other.